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Weekly Events: October 10-14, 2016

October 7, 2016

Important note re: Traffic Safety:

School-related traffic congestion and the risks such congestion poses to the safety of the students, parents and residents living around our school is always of paramount concern for us. The amount of school traffic during drop off and pick up times, combined with possible exposure to dangerous driver behaviour, puts not only our children at risk but also families in our neighbourhood.

In view of this, it is not unusual to receive communication, from those living in our neighbourhood, expressing concern about drivers parking in laneways and speeding down the roads in front of their homes.  A short while ago we received another email from one of our neighbours and in part she wrote,

“I am a resident on Mons Ave., and the amount of parents speeding up our street & in the alley to drop off their kids & go about their day is very concerning. It happens every morning and after school time.

I have no problem if they park outside our home, or even the amount of traffic. But it not only puts my kids in danger but more importantly to you and your students, as they are the ones getting out of cars walking.

I know it sounds ridiculous to request your parents to slow down, but it is very important that you do this. It might not be my kid that gets hit but one of your students and it only takes one time. I therefore ask that you send an email out to ALL parents, to be mindful that they are in a residential area and school zone.

Parents of Master’s Academy and College, we are committed to being good neighbours by respecting the property and comfort and safety of others. Please be aware that we are all a part of the Garrison Woods Community. WE ask all of you to obey the traffic laws of the road, including not using a cell phone when driving your car, being respectful of those living in our community, and putting the safety of our students first.


  • All Calgary school zones have a speed limit of 30 km/hr?
  • It is illegal and completely unsafe to park too close or directly on a crosswalk? The law indicates that it is illegal to park within 5 meters of the near side of a crosswalk.
  • Martin, a Master’s employee, does an exceptional job of directing traffic flow – but he can only be in one place at one time. Please follow his directions when he is on duty. He is there to protect your children.
  • There will be a police presence (visible and plainclothes) from time to time to watch for those that speed and to make sure people stop at the stop signs.

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