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Crowchild Trail – Flanders Avenue Interchange

July 15, 2015

As you may know, City Council approved final plans for the Currie Barracks development along with the Flanders Avenue interchanges. Construction is expected to begin in late August, or early fall.

While Master’s and the Marda Loop community will be much better served by the new bridge and interchange, there will be an interruption of service to Flanders Ave., from Crowchild Trail, until the construction is completed. As such, for those driving to Master’s each day, the Flanders Ave. bridge will be closed. The choice will be to take either the 50th Avenue exit or the 33rd Avenue exit to access Flanders Ave.

During this time of construction, we encourage you to look at transportation alternatives. Master’s offers a Shuttle Service to and from the city’s Southwest, which families may want to consider. There is also a Family Directory on our Parent Portal for those of you who may wish to carpool.

For further information on the interchange please visit the City of Calgary website.

Canada Lands will be sending us regular updates on the progress of the construction, which we will pass along. In addition, you can see the plans for how the completed project will look as well as alternate routes of travel here.

If you have any questions about our Shuttle Service or this interchange, please feel free to contact Christy Howard.


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