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September Newsletter 2014

September 1, 2014

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Master’s College Fundraisers
Throughout the year, we have a variety of opportunities to fundraise for extra supplies and special events that are not fully covered with tuition. Below is a list of our fundraisers for the College division for the 2014-2015 year. Please remember that all fundraisers are optional.
These funds go towards guest speakers, such as our Spiritual Life Week guest and our computer safety speaker.
September: Entertainment Books
Missions: Each year, students in our College participate in our Global Impact Missions Programs. Students raise their own money to fund their trips, but also raise money to cover the cost of shipping any equipment required for their trips, as well as any supplies.
All Year:  Fun Lunch Days in College (Opa/Jugo Juice/Pizza)
Fall/Winter/Spring:  Bottle Drives
Winter:  Spolumbo’s Sausage
Grade 12 Graduation: Funds from this fundraiser assist in helping to make the Grade 12 Graduation celebration more affordable for families.
November:  Purdy’s Chocolates
Charitable Giving: Throughout the year, we at Master’s help to support other programs within our Calgary community.
Fall:  Service Day:  we collect donations to take to the places we serve
November:  Remembrance Day: collect food donations for the food bank
December: Silent Auction



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