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Guidance Corner with Mrs. McAllister – May 2012

May 1, 2012

1. Summer School Information:

  • Details available at;
  • Call 403-777-7200 beginning May 7 to make a registration appointment. Spaces fill quickly!
  • Take to the a appointment a letter confirming pre-requisite (available from Mrs. McAllister), and a Chinook Learning Services Student Registration form from their website;
  • Grade 7-9 courses are available for Math and Language Arts;
  • Grade 10-12 courses are available for all core as well as Phys. Ed and Art.

2. Diploma Exam Prep Courses:
Several are offered throughout the city including:

3. Summer Ideas:
Consider building your skills and experience by participating in an interesting summer activity. Some examples are:

  • Co-operative Youth Leadership Camp Program – develop friendships and build confidence (
  • Volunteer Work – a great way to refine your interests and add to your university applications. Search at sites such as Volunteer Canada or browse the links at the Canadian Volunteer Directory. Opportunities include: reading to children, caring for the elderly, feeding the hungry, running errands and doing deliveries, gathering and analyzing data, raising awareness of important issues, doing clean-up and repairs in the community, building houses or playground equipment, caring for animals, protecting the environment.
  • Get a summer job – plan now to save money towards a cultural or missions trip, or maybe save towards your first car!

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