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Principal’s Message – Mar. 2012

March 1, 2012

As the days get longer with more light, the days are also getting longer for those involved in some ‘extras’ here at school. One of the positive parts of being in a school our size is that students have the opportunity to be involved in so many extra-curriculars.

Right now each of our six basketball teams are either heading towards a season-ending tournament or in the race for the playoffs, and the next couple of weeks will determine how they end up. But regardless of their finish, they have practiced hard, played hard, and received a high level of commitment from their coaches – some of whom are volunteer parents or those interested in Master’s athletics. Some of these practices are at 7:00am in the winter! Athletes and coaches: giving something extra.

On March 14-16, about 70 College students will present the musical “Cinderella Enchanted” in three evening performances. Led by Ms. Blain, Miss Pumber, Mr. Gill, Mrs. Laugesen, and Miss Rachel, about four months of morning and evening (and some Saturday) practices conclude with the students actually putting on all aspects of the show themselves. Students and teachers: together doing something extra.

Our Playground Student Missions team, led by Mr. Ness and Mrs. McAllister, packed their container in mid-February and they will open it up in late March in Cuba. About 10 days later a safe, high quality and freshly-painted community playground will service a whole neighbourhood of young children who had never had that privilege before. Students and teachers: contributing something extra.

During Spring Break about 25 students and teachers, led by Mr. Nystrom, will fly to Vancouver and board a tall-ship to begin a weeklong voyage where they are the ones who are taught to man and actually sail the ship, even in rough seas. Students and teachers: learning something extra.
During the afternoon of April 13 (after an Early Dismissal Friday), many students and the College teaching staff will go out into the Calgary community for our First Community Outreach Day, organized by many College parents (see previous emails sent home). For an afternoon, we will clean, distribute food, help students and seniors, and help those in deep personal need. Hopefully you can encourage your child to register ahead of time and stay behind that afternoon to help the less fortunate. Parents, teachers, and students: volunteering something extra.

On the weekends of March 2-3 (at First Assembly Church) and March 16-17 (at Glenmore Christian Academy), parents will have the opportunity to attend a seminar with Family Foundations Canada where you can learn about the life-changing impact you can have as a parent as you encourage, bless, and launch your child into the next season of his/her life. See the flyer in this newsletter for more details. Parents: learning and doing something extra.
In early February, about 25 parents attended a ‘Guilt-free Parenting’ evening session with Randy Carter. They received valuable principles for parenting through the critical adolescent years. Parents: looking for something extra.

On Monday March 19 (note the date change from March 21), Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place from 8:00 am-6:00pm. We are hoping that as many parents as possible are able to come with their child to these conferences.  Details about how to sign up will be emailed home soon.

Thank you for having your child at Master’s and for taking advantage of the opportunities that exist. If you have questions, please direct them to your child’s teacher or to the school office. God has blessed us greatly.

God bless you,
Peter Muller


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