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College News – March 2012

March 1, 2012


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences – Monday, March 19th, 2012 from 8:00am – 6:00pm [formerly March 21st]
  • Grade 9 Immunizations – Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 8:30am [formerly March 19th]

Remember the paper cranes built by Master’s students after the Japan earthquake and tsunami in March 2011?  Those 1,600 cranes became part of a journey that started in places all over the world, including Calgary, and ended in Sendai, Japan. Read about the amazing journey of the cranes and the sculpture they helped create at

Thank you to all parents who came to the Parent Council Meeting in January. It was nice to see so many new faces. There was exciting information that was discussed and we appreciate everyone’s comments.

Master’s Service Day
We were pleased to announce our first Master’s Service Day. Students in the Academy will be paired with students in the College to raise awareness of service opportunities in our local community. Examples of these opportunities could be supporting a local charity, visiting the elderly, or helping out in our neighborhood. On the afternoon of April 13th, our College students will go into our city to serve these areas. Watch out for information coming home.

Save the Date
Our next and final Parent Council Meeting for the year will be held on Wednesday, May 30th, time TBA. Please consider coming to this very important meeting as we review the last year and plan for the following school year. Hope to see you there!

We are excited to announce that there are two Blessing Generations seminars scheduled. One at First Assembly Church on March 2-3, and one at Glenmore Christian Academy on March 16-17.

We are following this up with The Power of Blessing workshop at Glenmore Christian Academy on April 17. Learn how blessing is such a powerful key that God has given to parents, and how you can join Dr. John Trent in the Blessing Challenge to reach a million families in blessing their children across North America.

What Is It?
The seminar is conducted in a Friday evening and all day Saturday format. Please note that this is not a counseling ministry, but a Holy Spirit led ministry to the heart.

Topics Include:

  • God’s Purpose & Power of Blessing
  • 7 Critical Times of Blessing
  • How to Release Blessing

Who Should Come?
Anyone desirous of lasting change in their life, marriage, or family should attend. Many times we see unpleasant or unhealthy patterns in our lives but don’t know why they are there and/or can’t seem to change. This ministry is designed to identify root causes and bring lasting change to these areas.

Special Note:
Because the teaching material and small group dynamics are sequential and each session builds upon the last one, it is imperative that participants plan on attending all seminar sessions.

Consequently, registrants who have missed the opening Friday evening session will not be admitted to the seminar later on Friday or Saturday, and thus will forfeit their registration fees.

Child care is not available.

About the Presenter:
Craig Hill lives near Denver, Colorado, along with his wife Jan, where they give senior leadership to Family Foundations International, the ministry through which life-changing Ancient Paths seminars are conducted around the world.

God has given Craig unique insight into marriage, family, and interpersonal relationships. This results in his ability to identify for many people root causes of relational conflict, compulsive habits, low self-esteem, workaholism, and undesirable life patterns which are repeated from one generation to the next. By interweaving personal stories with biblical truth, God has anointed Craig to pierce through the veil of the mind to minister to the depths of the heart, resulting in lasting life change for many.

For more information, or to register, contact Maureen Stark (First Assembly) at 403-695-1103, or Derrick Mohamed (Glenmore Christian Academy) at 403-254-9095

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