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College News – February 2012

February 1, 2012

Master’s College presents: “Cinderella Enchanted”! Tickets for our 2012 College Musical go on sale Monday, February 13th!! 
Tickets are $20 each and are available online and at the College Office.

Students with allergies to peanuts and/or nuts are at particular risk of exposure during special occasions; birthdays, Christmas celebrations, bake sales, etc.
For those with peanut and nut allergies, the treats in Halloween bags may turn out to be dangerous and, in some cases, even deadly. The culprit: Peanuts and Nuts! Please remember, when packing student lunches, to not send treats that contain peanuts or nuts, or products that clearly state peanuts or nuts in the ingredients.

Did you know that there is a group of parents who meet weekly to pray for our students, teachers, and their families? Join them Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00pm in the College Staff Room.

Bible study begins prior to prayer at 1:00pm.

All parents are welcome to join!

Basketball season is well under way. Another sport for our keen young athletes to develop and excel. HAVE YOU SUPPORTED OUR SCHOOL TEAMS THIS SEASON? COME PACK THE BLEACHERS AND CHEER THEM ON!

The Junior High teams have been playing Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, with several of their games being showcased here at home. Some great basketball in the College Gym. Monday and Wednesday are game days for the Senior High teams. The Varsity Boys are co-hosting the annual Crusaders/Eagles Classic on February 10th and 11th. If you are able, they would love to have you out to support them during this tournament.

This years Global Impact Playground team is constructing a playground just outside of Havana, Cuba. The location chosen is at the site of an orphanage that houses 300+ children next to a Primary School. The orphanage is filled to capacity with children between the ages of 2 and 12. These youngsters spend each day, night, and a meal at this orphanage, playing football (soccer), going to school, sleeping in cramped rooms, and eating with their friends – their family.
In January, we sent out an email asking our College Parents if they could help us with a need. Each day, each meal, they spend many hours in the kitchen cooking for 300+ children with your common household “pot and pan collection”. Would we have some larger pots, strainers, and spoons so that we could them out? We asked, and you responded.

It turns out that the pots, colanders, strainers, ladles, and spoons large enough to make cooking easier for these numbers are quite expensive. It was going to cost between $300-$500. Well, you were so compassionate, that between your monetary and material donations, we not only filled this request, but were able to fully outfit their kitchen with a full set of commercial pots and pans, new toasters, electric grills, slow cookers, dishes, cutlery, as well as compliment them with dish and tea towels, AND purchased new socks and underwear for every child in the orphanage. You can only imagine their faces and feelings when we unload your blessing upon them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT. We will try to get as much video and photo coverage for you as possible.

The Cuba 2012 Playground team loaded all the playground equipment and tools, along with over 20 bins full of donations for the orphanage, into a container bound for Havana, Cuba on January 27th.

God is good.


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