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Principal’s Message – Jan. 2012

January 1, 2012

As we move into 2012 and all the opportunities that it brings, I hope that you will have had a Christmas season where – regardless of the circumstances of life – you were able to sense God’s love for you.

From where I sit, I see school as a place of growth, both academically and personally. On the academic side, I see growth in our school in several ways. April 27th, 2011, has become a “marker” in our journey for Profound Learning at Master’s.  On this day, at a parent event, we boldly declared a 2014 vision that involves significant changes over the next three years in our facility and in our learning model. We are tracking well!

As we come to the end of this first term and leave for our Christmas break, we would like to share some of the excitement that is building in our school. Architects are busy designing additional learning spaces and permits are in the application process. Under the leadership of the R & D team, the teacher “Toolbox” of strategic practices is being developed along with our new website which is almost ready to launch. i.d. School, as a pilot class, is gaining momentum and peaking the interest of our students. This experience is rich and challenging and allows our students to grapple with issues outside the normal classroom curriculum. Our teachers have been able to attend a variety of conferences that will help us deliver our Advanced Placement courses, and the maturing of our understanding of our learning model. In November, the first set of teachers attended the David Langford “Quality Learning” conference, and in January, another group of teachers will be attending the second conference. The skills and knowledge gained at these two conferences has already enhanced experiences for students relative to personalized learning and student ownership. Last week our teachers gave a “report out” to their colleagues on the shifts in their teaching, and we are encouraged by their dedication and commitment to a vision for 2014. Each step we take is one step closer to achieving this vision. Stay tuned!

On the personal side, I see our school as wanting to positively speak into the lives of our students and families, and we can do that with the size of school that we have. We are a Christian school, and so we see God as personal and able to help us with life. Our staff has tried to not only teach, but to coach teams and to sponsor activities like the upcoming Musical, Student Council, an Athletic Kickoff Dessert Night, Spiritual Life Week, Camp, lunchtime ‘hang out times’ in their classrooms, and individual and group mentoring. We are trying to help adolescents develop as godly citizens. We have also offered some parent education sessions covering topics like an orientation to the technology environment, MOODLE, Drug Awareness and – coming on February 2nd – Parenting your Adolescent. At our next Parent Council meeting on the afternoon of January 16th, you will be asked for suggestions on other types of sessions that can help you as a parent. In this newsletter there is an article written by a former parent that can help you to encourage and bless your child. Also, there is a February Parent Night with Randy Carter, a youth specialist, and he will speak about “Guilt-Free Parenting”. All the college students will hear Steve Walton on January 16th talk about Drugs on the Street in separate Junior and Senior High assemblies.
Read through the newsletter and see what people have submitted. You will see there are many significant offerings in our school. May this Christmas and New Year holiday be special to you. God bless you and your family in 2012.

Peter Muller

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