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Guidance Corner with Mrs. McAllister – Jan. 2012

January 1, 2012

Junior High Midterms
We are heading towards the halfway mark for Junior High courses that run all year. You can expect teachers to plan for a test that is cumulative in nature for these courses. The purposes of writing midterms in Junior High are to help the teacher make planning decisions for instruction for the remainder of the year, and to allow students a chance to consolidate their learning to this point. Teachers will choose a date that fits at a logical break in their units of study and the tests will be designed to fit within the regular class periods. Tests will be scheduled between the approximate dates of January 15th and February 15th.

Diploma Exam Preparation
From January 9th to January 18th, with the exception of January 11th and 12th (see below), students in diploma courses will be provided exam preparation. This will include review of concepts, working through exam questions, writing “mock” finals, and, in some subjects, an Alberta Education diploma field test. It is our intention to provide direct study support and exam writing skills to aid students in being successful on these important exams. We know that some city high schools release their students on these dates, but we want to serve our student community and reduce the need for parents to pay for diploma prep sessions outside of the school day.

Information on diploma exams and previous years’ exams can be found at:

English 30 and Social 30 Diploma Exams
January 11: English 30 written exam, no diploma classes in the afternoon
January 12: Social 30 written exam, no diploma classes in the afternoon
January 19: English 30 reading comprehension exam, no diploma classes in the afternoon
January 20, Social 30 multiple choice exam, no diploma classes in the afternoon

Exam Details

  • all exams are written in the morning;
  • students have the option to stay at the school or return home to study in the afternoon, following an exam;
  • students are expected at school for regular start time (8:20am) to hand in textbooks, have attendance taken, and be ready for exam start;
  • students need to come prepared with appropriate materials (i.e. calculator, fully charged laptop, pen, pencil, erasers, etc.) depending on the exam;
  • if there is an emergency and a student cannot write an exam on the scheduled date, notify the College Office immediately;
  • PLEASE NOTE: Alberta Education restricts late entry into diploma exams and does not permit alternate writing dates for these exams.

Senior High Final Exam Week
Monday, January 23: English 10-1, Social 20
Tuesday, January 24: Science 10, Biology 30 Diploma
Wednesday, January 25: Math 20-1, Pure Math 30 Diploma
Thursday, January 26: Math 10, Chemistry 20, Chemistry 30 Diploma
Friday, January 27: Physics 20, Spanish 10/20/30


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