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College News – January 2012

January 1, 2012

In keeping with our safe and caring school initiatives we would like to remind parents of our Injury/Illness Guidelines. If an injury/illness occurs while at school, whenever possible, teachers/staff with first aid training will evaluate the nature and the extent of the injury/illness. If the injury/illness is serious or life-threatening, 911 will be called, followed by a parent or emergency contact. If the injury/illness is not serious, but the student cannot return to class or participate in the learning environment, a call will be made to a parent or emergency contact with a request to pick the student up. If the injury/illness is minor, the student will be given “basic” first aid and will return to class. No call will be made to a parent or emergency contact. Assistance by teachers/staff is limited to what is possible in a school setting and to what can be done by persons untrained in medical procedures.

Please note that during cold/flu season, in particular, we are not able to accommodate ill students for extended periods of time. On occasion, there are multiple students requiring assistance for both illnesses and injuries. At these times, if we cannot contact parents in a timely manner, we will use the emergency contact information that you have provided and call that person to pick up the student. With this in mind, we ask that you ensure that the emergency contacts that you have provided to the school are able to pick up your child if they are called by the office.

Wow! Christmas Break has come and gone and the 2012 Basketball Season is in full swing. Master’s College is well represented in our Junior High Teams, with full rosters in five teams: Grade 7 Girls, Grade 7/8 Boys, Grade 8 Girls, Grade 9 Girls, and Grade 8/9 Boys. All teams have participated in a game before the break to warm up for this seasons busy schedule. Our Varsity Boys have already played several games in December, as well as participated in one tournament, so they have established themselves as a contender again this year.

All parents should have received a copy of this year’s Game/Practice Schedule, but if not, you can contact your child’s coach or teacher representative, or go online to the CISAA website and look for “Master’s Academy and College” under the Schedules title (Jr. High – or Sr. High –

Thank you to all the Teacher Coaches, Volunteer Coaches, Teacher Representatives, and Team Parents who have committed time from their own busy schedules to make this years Basketball Season possible. We look forward to having you as spectators at our games this year.

Grade 7’s continue to work on their portfolios, and focused on the terms “steal” and “kill” taken from our theme verse. In the New Year, we will take a look at nutrition and then focus on relationships.

Grade 8’s continue to work in gender split classes focusing on real life issues and following the “To Save a Life” curriculum. Students also spent time looking at the meaning of Christmas and reflecting on this season.

These past two months, 9A and 9B focused on specific outcomes in the Grade 9 Health curriculum. The students did extensive research about volunteer opportunities/entrepreneurship, and how they can become involved in both of these areas in a meaningful way.

In December, Grade 10 students further explored leadership by writing their own autobiographies in terms of their leadership qualities and abilities. We also did some community building activities, planned for students by students.

Grade 11 and 12 Advisory continues to focus on our theme of “Alive”. In December, we focused on the characteristics of authenticity and resilience. We have been studying biblical and modern examples, finding principles that can be carried into life practice. In addition, the Grade 12 leadership group planned and executed a successful winter formal dance and the yearbook leadership group is busy putting our 2011/12 yearbook together. We look forward to January where we will continue with our theme and our leadership projects.

with Randy Carter
Randy has been involved in youth work since 1979. Since July 1994, he has been involved as an itinerant youth speaker and a youth ministry consultant with Straight Talk Ministries. Watch for an email with more details about the session to be sent home! Seating is limited, so mark your calendar!

Retired Detective, Steve Walton, is a 25-year veteran of law enforcement. For the last 10 years of his career he was assigned to a Drug Unit. In that capacity, he supervised an undercover street team, managed more than 120 undercover drug operations and 780 undercover drug transactions. He is qualified in the criminal justice system as an expert with respect to street drug related matters. He has considerable expertise in the areas of street jargon, consumption practices, the physiology of street drugs, the effects of use, street pricing, and patterns of abuse.

We will be holding student only assemblies on Monday, January 16th.

As per the email sent home in December, starting Tuesday January 10th, the cafeteria will be available to students during the following hours only: 8:00-8:15am, 11:25am-12:10pm, 3:15-4:00pm, and 12:10-4:00pm (Early Dismissal Fridays only).

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Our Master’s College Graduating Class of 2012 is holding their second bottle drive to raise money to offset their Graduation costs. Again, we would greatly appreciate if each family in the school would consider bringing one garbage bag full of bottles to be dropped off the morning of January 10, 2012 in the parking lot. You will be met by one of this year’s Graduates, who will cheerfully collect your bottles.

Thank you,
on behalf of the Master’s College Graduating Class of 2012!

– by Neil Campbell

Dear Master’s Parents,
As former parents at Master’s and a member of the Servant Council we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. In a crazy busy world of trying to hold down two careers and still balance your marriage and family, Annette and I would like to give you quick little tips each month to help you raise your family in a modern world. The one thing that your children want more than a new iPhone or X-Box in their stocking is your “blessing” or approval. They need to know with words that they are important and valuable to you. One way to “bless” them is to write a short note of blessing and put it into their stocking to read on Christmas morning. We have been writing a blessing for years for our daughters and now our son-in-laws and grandchildren. It doesn’t take a lot of time to write a note to let them know how special they are in your eyes. We would encourage you to make this part of your family tradition at Christmas. Those words of blessing will outlast any other gift that you might give them.

We bless you and encourage you to remember the reason Jesus came was to bless you and give you hope in the midst of the busyness of life. Below is a sample blessing to give you a blueprint for what you might want to do.

Christmas Blessings!
Neil & Annette Campbell
National Directors
Family Foundations International

Sample Christmas Blessing Stocking Stuffer Letter – by Dr. John Trent
Dear Ryan,
Twelve years ago, almost to the day, the Lord gave us a precious gift that almost came on the same day His Son was born. You had almost a full head of hair that first day – and have been filled with life and joy and fun and energy every day since. Your dad and I want you to know that we’ve seen how you’ve handled the transition from grade school to middle school this year – and we are incredibly proud of you. You’ve stayed close to your friends, stayed plugged in at church and with your small group at church, and you’ve worked super hard at staying on top of your grades – even when it’s been hard. That commitment to others and the Lord is something we see in you, and know the Lord will bless and honour and use in the future – your special future. So enjoy your presents and being out of school, but for this short time to slow down and read this letter, know that we pray for you each day, are incredibly proud of the young man you’re becoming, and can’t wait to see how God uses you in the future to help and serve others and Him.

Signed (Love), Mom and Dad

All Parents Are Invited!
Monday January 16th, 1:30 – 3:00pm
Snacks and Refreshments Provided
Come Listen to School News, Principal Updates and
Exciting Conversations
RSVP to Rene Stobo at

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