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Guidance Corner with Mrs. McAllister – Dec. 2011

December 1, 2011

Congratulations to the recipients of the Profound Learning scholarship! This scholarship is awarded to Senior High students for achieving an average of 85% or higher. We believe all students are capable of achieving high standards in their learning and we commend these students for demonstrating commitment to their learning.

Honor Roll
We will be recognizing honor roll students at the end of the school year. Honors is an average of 80% or higher based on:

  • Junior High: average will be calculated based on 5 grades – English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science and a combined score from option courses;
  • Senior High: average will be calculated based on 5 grades – four core subjects, one of which must be English Language Arts, and one option course.

A cut-off date for grades will be announced in May and Honor Roll will be presented in June.

Post-Secondary Applications
Colleges and Universities are now open to applications for Fall 2012. I recommend applying prior to Christmas to the university of your choice to be considered in the first round of acceptances. Grade 12 students need an Apply Alberta account with completed information on their school history and Grade 11 and 12 courses being completed. Students are welcome to book an appointment with me for any help they need with the process.

Diploma Exam Schedule – January 2012
Wednesday, January 11 – English 30-1 Part A
Thursday, January 12 – Social 30-1 Part A
Thursday, January 19 – English 30-1 Part B
Friday, January 20 – Social 30-1 Part B
Tuesday, January 24 – Biology 30
Wednesday, January 25 – Pure Math 30
Thursday, January 26 – Chemistry 30
Friday, January 27 – Physics 30

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