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College News – November 2011

November 1, 2011

Students with allergies to peanuts and/or nuts are at particular risk of exposure during special occasions; birthdays, Christmas celebrations, bake sales, etc.
For those with peanut and nut allergies, the treats in Halloween bags may turn out to be dangerous and, in some cases, even deadly. The culprit: Peanuts and Nuts! Please remember, when packing student lunches, to not send treats that contain peanuts or nuts, or products that clearly state peanuts or nuts in the ingredients.

In keeping with our desire to honour the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for us, and to recognize the significance of those who are currently serving in countries around the world, we are holding a Remembrance Day assembly on Thursday, November 10th at 10:30am in the College Gymnasium. The focus of our Remembrance Day assembly will be peace and the role of the peacemaker in our world. Should you wish to join us for our assembly, please know that you are warmly welcome. We appreciate your help in ensuring that all students are dressed in the appropriate black pants/skirt and white shirt attire for this chapel.

Did you know that there is a group of parents who meet weekly to pray for our students, teachers, and their families? Join them Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00pm in the College Staff Room.

New this year, Bible study begins prior to prayer at 1:00pm.

All parents are welcome to join!

Students please remember to:
Wash hands frequently.

  • 20 seconds of hand washing with warm water & soap helps remove bacteria & viruses

Cover your cough & sneeze.

  • Cough & sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue

If you are sick, rest.

  • Wait until you no longer have a fever and are feeling much better before returning to school

Master’s Guidelines:
During cold/flu season, in particular, we are not able to accommodate students in the first aid room for an extended period of time. Students who appear to have influenza-like illness at arrival or who become ill during the school day will be sent to the Office. A call will be made to a parent or an emergency contact with a request to have the student picked up.

During cold/flu season:

  • Cleaning measures will be heightened
  • Washrooms & fountains will be disinfected 4 times per day
  • Classrooms (always) supplied with hand sanitizers and students will be encouraged to regularly use the sanitizers & other hygiene measures
  • Classrooms (always) supplied with iklear & antibacterial microfiber cloths (for cleaning apple carts & laptop keyboards)

By working together; parents, students, teachers/staff, we can limit the spread of viruses at school.

Here we are, half way through the Volleyball Season. Teams are having a lot of fun as they bump and set their way to Playoffs. Our teams have already completed several tournaments, and earned some medals and trophies, but the big dates are yet to come.

The Grade 7 Girls, Grade 7/8 Boys and the Grade 8 Girls teams all have spots in the Season Ending Finals Tournaments to be held on November 4 & 5 at Glenmore Christian Academy for the Grade 7 Girls, here at Master’s College for the Grade 7/8 Boys, and at Menno Simmons for the Gr 8 Girls.

Should they make it, Playoffs for the Grade 8/9 Boys and the Grade 9 Girls are slated to begin on November 3.

Varsity Boys and Girls Playoffs begin the week of November 14.

You know, players really appreciate playing in front of bleachers full of fans. Could you help them out and perhaps come to some of their games, or maybe let your children stay a bit later to help support our M.A.C. EAGLES?

In November, students in our Advisory program will be involved in a variety of activities. Our senior high students are exploring the theme “Alive” and learning to apply their leadership skills to various leadership opportunities. In Grade Seven, students will be focusing on Personal Learning Styles. In Grade Eight, students are looking at the film “To Save a Live”, highlighting the key outcomes in the health curriculum. In Grade Nine, students are diving into individual and collaborative learning experiences, which challenge and build their personal and professional awareness. They will also be exploring and discovering concepts from the Health 9 curriculum, the Master’s Graduate Profile, personal website design, volunteering initiatives, and entrepreneurship/leadership skills. At the end of the month, there will be a chapel for Grades 7-9 tying into our theme “Alive”.

We return to school after our break on Monday, October 31, which also happens to be Costume Day for Grades 7-12. We want to clarify the intent and spirit behind this day, and make you aware of some boundaries for the costumes, knowing that Hallowe’en is that evening.

Our school is a safe and caring community, so our dress code is still in effect, which would mean properly clothed costumes that are fun, pleasant, appropriate, and non-offensive. There are to be no pajamas, lingerie, toy weapons, face masks or hats, nothing scary or demonic, and boys are to dress as boys and girls as girls. Be creative, have fun, but please have your child respect the boundaries reflected above.

Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed Jr. High and Sr. High students!

Thank you for your support in this area.

Parents were recently recognized at the IPOD meeting for their support and encouragement to the faculty at Master’s Academy & College. Appreciation was expressed for the treats, suppers, and tasks that parents take on to build a climate of “joy” in our school. Doreen Grey was invited to share some insights into fostering even greater communication between home and school when issues arise and concerns need to be expressed. The ‘top ten’ ideas can be summarized in Proverbs 17:22 – “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”. Communication that crushes the spirit robs everyone of joy.

Mrs. Grey shared a few reminders:

  • Guard your words – mistakes are made in public, but restitution and resolution need to be done in private.
  • Guard your emails – emotional issues are not best communicated through email. Bedtime is often when parents hear of a concern from their child. Wait and investigate before sending the email!
  • “Nothin” does not always mean that nothing is being done or that nothing is being learned.
  • School is the meeting place for many issues that arise outside of school.

We celebrate the wonderful climate of open communication and encouragement that we enjoy here at Master’s, and thank every parent for their investment in our faculty.

PARENT DRUG SEMINAR – November 28, 2011
As Master’s continues to support our families through different forms, we are pleased to announce “Street Drug Awareness”, a seminar where parents have the opportunity to gain knowledge on the current drug culture here in Calgary. Stay tuned for more information coming in November.

Yes, it’s about that time again – time to declutter our closets and homes and to donate new and/or gently used items for our Christmas Charity Silent Auction. Donations can include books, games, toys, home decor, art work, sports goods, electronics, DVD’s, CD’s, etc, etc.

For the live auction portion of our event, we will need some bigger ticket items to be donated, such as hockey tickets, theatre tickets, spa coupons, a week at a family summer condo, etc. If you think you could donate any of these items, or know anyone who might be able to contribute, please contact Miss Pumber at 403-242-7034 ext. 228. All of our Auction proceedings (Silent and Live) will go toward helping the poor and needy – both in our world and in our city.

Thank you for keeping the Charity Auction in your thoughts and plans as we head into the Christmas season.


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