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Principal’s Message – Oct. 2011

October 1, 2011

From where I sit, I am very encouraged by the first month of school. We have terrific young men and women in our College who come from homes that are committed to a quality and innovative educational culture. We have a staff that put many hours into their courses and extra time with students in many different ways.

In this first month, our College community gathered together at an Opening Day lunchtime BBQ complete with dunk tank, went on three different Camp trips, attended an Athletic Kickoff Dessert Night featuring several Calgary Stampeders, took in a parent seminar on technology, and were part of a Meet the Teacher night, which was coupled with meetings for the upcoming March Sailing and Quebec trips.

Many parents also attended our first Parent Council meeting of the year where there was discussion about developing a culture of respect and what our parents wanted our Master’s Parent community to be known for. In addition, we began working toward the implementation of some AP courses in the High School. In the Athletic Division, there are seven volleyball teams busy practicing and playing. In Research and Development our teaching staff met twice already for entire Friday afternoons to further develop Profound Learning in our classrooms.

We also want to welcome two new staff this year: Mrs. Rebecca Jacobsen, who teaches Math and Science in our Junior High, and Mrs. Carissa Caines, who returns from maternity leave to teach Art and English in Junior and Senior High.

I encourage you to contact your teacher at any time and to participate in the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 6th. We value parent contact and hope that as many parents as possible can attend. Our next Principal Chat is on Monday, October 17 for an hour at 8:30am and 2:15pm. I also hope that parents will consider coming to the school each Tuesday, from 2:00-3:00pm, to join other parents as they pray for our students, families, and school. We are also having a Spiritual Life Week from October 3-5 where students will choose sessions that are designed to help them in their relationship with God. This would make great dinnertime conversation. We look forward to continuing to develop a positive relationship between the home and school so that your child can have a positive and challenging educational experience.

Peter Muller

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