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Counseling Services – Sept. 2011

September 1, 2011

The Role of the Family School Liaison Counselor:
Welcome back to another school year! For those of you who are new to Master’s Academy & College or have not yet become familiar with the Family School Liaison Program, I will introduce myself. I am Kyla Brown, the Family School Liaison Counselor, and I am honoured to be serving this community by helping children and families cope with difficulties they are having in their lives, either at home or at school. I provide counseling support to students and families and, when appropriate, I also direct families to outside services. In many cases, I provide support and information through consultation and may make referrals to agencies such as mental health, psychological services, medical clinics, and Social Services. In addition to counseling, I offer classroom presentations on various topics aimed at supporting student’s mental, emotional, social, and behavioural wellness so that they may achieve their optimal potential in all areas.

How Services are Accessed:
Counseling is accessed on a referral basis. Teachers, principals, and parents may refer students about whom they have concerns. Parents must give their permission for services to commence, at which point an intake appointment will be scheduled. Referral forms can be found on the school website or at the school office. At times, a student may seek out counseling personally, in which case, I am able to meet with a child once before a referral by a parent or teacher is given and an intake appointment along with parental consent is provided.

To Clear up any Misconceptions:
Counseling is not a consequence or punishment for misbehaving students. The role of the counselor is not to discipline students, but to provide social, emotional, and behavioral support to students and families. Students cannot be forced to see a counselor as the counseling process is meant to be collaborative and non-threatening. Information gathered in counseling sessions is not shared with teachers or parents and is subject to confidentiality laws. Permission to release information must be obtained from the parents and student before it can be shared with other partied. The exception to this is if the student is considered to be at risk of harm to self or others, in which case safety is a top priority. In al cases, the “best interests” of the client take priority when assessing options in counseling. This means that if there is some debate concerning what direction counseling needs to go, the best interests of the client will be held above all else.

The Family School Liaison Counselors in the Palliser School DIvision are responsible for more than one school. I currently serves at both Glenmore Christian Academy and Master’s Academy & College. This year I will be at Master’s Academy & College most often every other Monday, and all day on Thursdays and Fridays. If you have questions concerning the counseling services at Master’s Academy & College, or if you would to to refer your child, please contact me.

Thank you,

Kyla Brown, M.Sc. R. Prov. Psych.
Family School Liaison Counselor
Master’s Academy & College and Glenmore Christian Academy

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